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Technical Information, click HERE. Click on any of the below pictures for a large picture.
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Weatherpak (WPAK) Connectors Weatherpak Terminals & Seals Deutsch Connectors Deutsch Terminals AMP/ Bosch (Bosch) Connectors AMP/ Bosch Terminals & Seals Boots for Amp/Bosch Connectors Power Pole (PPole) Connectors
                                                         PLEASE NOTE:
   ONE cable-to-cable connector assembly requires FIVE different components, unless otherwise noted:
    1: One male or plug housing,
    2: One female or receptacle housing,
    3: The necessary male terminals, which go in the female or receptacle housing,
    4: The necessary female terminals, which go in the male or plug housing,
    5: The necessary number of seals, ( optional ), for Weatherpack and Bosch fully sealed connectors.
      Notes: The Anderson Power Pole connectors are hermaphroditic or symmetrical;
      one cable-to-cable assembly is as shown in the image above.
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